"The Old Rugged Crosses"

"The Old Rugged Crosses"
These crosses are on the highest point of the camp making them visible from nearly every camp location.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help Us Meet Our Goal

We have discovered a wonderful opportunity to enhance our funding at the camp and share a keepsake ornament with you. This would make a wonderful prayer reminder for the Camp as you place this on your tree each year.
(This is a mock of the ornament - the blue feathers will be brown on the original)
To complete the task that God has set before us, we need your continued prayers and support to get Camp Crossway operating and functional by Spring 2013. In August, we set out with a goal to find 700 individuals at $100/yr who would become a sponsor to help advance God’s Kingdom work at Camp Crossway. As of this date, we have 50 committed sponsorships. We truly appreciate all those who have partnered with us thus far and, to show our appreciation, we will be sending you the keepsake ornament in the mail soon.

If you haven't made your yearly contribution yet, we have simplified the process because we understand how busy people are today. We have set up a secure way for you to give your contribution on line. At the bottom of this post, you will find a"Donate" button. When you click the button, it will allow you to input your information. All contributors who make their yearly contribution by December 7 will receive the keepsake Christmas Ornament.

If you would like to share this ornament with family and friends, you can do so for $12 (shipping included). Not everyone who has shown an interest in Camp Crossway is on our email list. Please share this information with your church, friends, and family so they may have the option to use the new on line system. If you had rather pay by personal check to be received by December 7, make payable to Camp Crossway, Inc. This will be a legal tax deduction. You will be provided a receipt thru Pay Pal or by mail.
Thank you, again, for partnering in the ministry with Camp Crossway, Inc.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“I believe it will truly be a light to all people both near and far who pass your way.”

From April through July 6th, we had 127 mission workers at the camp plus twelve that worked from Otoe Baptist Church.  Due to their efforts, the camp is really shaping up and the Ark is almost completed.  Sheet rock has been hung, decks built, plumbing completed, electrical installed, walls painted, dorm rooms completed, ceilings installed, and kitchen supplies and equipment cleaned.  On the grounds a low ropes course was built, a light house assembled, a zip line has been built, some fencing was done, and much needed clean-up by removing trees, weed eating, etc.  

Yearly sponsor pledges are beginning to come in. Seven hundred individual sponsors at $100 a year are needed for the camp to become fully operational by Spring 2013. If you or your church are interested in becoming a sponsor send, us an e-mail and we will forward the information on to you. 

Collage prepared by one of the summer groups

The Lighthouse and zip line platform

Part of the ropes course challenge

Ark grill, stove, and deep fryer

Front view of  the completed Ark decking

Male's sleeping quarters

Friday, January 27, 2012

Since the challenge to “Build an Ark” began in May, much has been completed because of the hard work and contributions from many of you. The garage and office has been completed, a full outdoor basketball court has been built, more land has been cleared, insulation has been added to the bunk house, and the Ark building is now under roof with the interior stud walls in place. The first phase of plumbing has been completed and work on the deck has begun. The Ark is now ready for wiring and insulation.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


August 8, 2011 - Materials from Ky arrive and are unloaded. August 9, 2011 - building has begun. The ark is no longer a vision. Give praise to the Lord above.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What could you do with a dollar a day?

So what could you do with a dollar a day? Buy a Coke... hit the value menu of a fast food restaurant... mail a letter... well there isn't much you can do with a dollar day once you think about it. If you're purchasing that coke out of a vending machine you're going to need a quarter to add to it and depending on where you live, you will need at least another six cents to add to that dollar to get your cheeseburger.

As difficult as it may be to put a dollar a day to good use, let's think for a moment what we could do with fifty cents a day. In most places that won't even buy you a candy bar anymore. If you're lucky you might be able to invest in some Double Bubble and practice your bubble blowing skills.

What if you could use fifty cents or a dollar a day to build an ark? Now obviously you alone would not be able to build an ark with that amount of money even if you saved it over a lifetime, but what if a few hundred people put their dollar or fifty cents a day together? We could build an ark pretty quick.

Recently the board of Camp Crossway met and decided to proceed with the building of the Ark. The Ark will consist of the worship center, boys and girls dorms, the kitchen and a cafeteria for one hundred plus people. Obviously this is one of the vital components of getting Camp Crossway up and running.

What does it cost to build an ark? I found one organization online building a replica of the ark in northern Kentucky and their estimated costs reach over twenty four million dollars. Ouch! So what is our estimated cost for an ark? Including materials and labor we should be able to complete our ark for $270,000. (This figure depends upon some donated labor though. Consider how you could use your God given gifts to help complete the ark!) While we are not trying to raise millions a couple hundred thousand can still be a tall order.

Let's think for a moment again about that dollar or fifty cents a day. What if we did put our money together? If three hundred of us give only a dollar a day, then after a year and a half they will have $162,000! Let's add another two hundred fifteen of us at fifty cents a day and that's $58,050! Add those two together... $220,000. Now some of you are scrolling back up the page thinking, 'I thought it said $270,000 was needed.' One church has already answered to God's call to give and gave $50,000 bringing the total down to $220,000! Isn't God good?

Decide how you are going to let God use you. Here's the breakdown:
Tier One Givers (300 needed):
$1 a day ($30 a month) for 18 months or a one time gift of $540

Tier Two Givers (250 needed):
$0.50 a day ($15 a month) for 18 months or a one time gift of $270

Maybe God is whispering in your ear right now to give. How you going to answer? Are you going to be one of the five hundred fifty needed to build this ark? Are you going to spread the word to others so they too can give their daily contribution?

Otoe Baptist Church has stepped up to the challenge and decided to give $100 a month, which counts for more than three of the tier one givers needed. Maybe your church would decide to do the same. Maybe your Sunday School class, prayer group, or youth group would step up. Maybe as a business owner you could be a monthly contributor. As an individual God may have blessed you and you can fulfill more than one of the tier one spots.

So what is God whispering to you? Tier one? Tier two? Or are you supposed to give above and beyond? Whatever it is be obedient. Let us know you are going to be a supporter by e-mailing us at jrkprk@sbcglobal.net or calling (580)370-6514. We will then let you know how you can begin to mail your monthly or one time contributions. You can also choose an auto draft option.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how God is going to work when His people are obedient to His call.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The bunkhouse...

A camp just wouldn't be a camp without bunk-beds, right? The bunkhouse at Camp Crossway sleeps forty. A dividing wall allows for twenty women to sleep on one side and twenty men the other. The women's side has a restroom with two showers, sinks, etc while the men's side has one shower, sink, etc. A small kitchen with table is also located on the women's side. The men's side has three long tables which allows for additional seating.

The bunkhouse has a shed on one side where the tractor and other camp items are stored. After the main bunkhouse is built, the women's sleeping area and kitchen will be converted into a small apartment type area for visiting pastors and the men's side will be used as a shed.

The bunkhouse is currently used for visiting mission teams. If your group is praying about a mission trip to Oklahoma to help Pastor Jimmy and Penny consider staying at the bunkhouse. You can choose one of two options: $30 per person per night all meals included or $10 per person per night no meals included. To find out about current mission opportunities or to book your team's trip call Jimmy at (580)572-8114 or Penny at (580)370-6514.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In the works...

You're probably stopping by because you recently received the AOK newsletter written by Jimmy and Penny, founders of Camp Crossway. Like many of you, I am thankful God has allowed me the opportunity to be their friend. My name is Heather. My husband, Waylon, daughter, Melissa, and I will be joining Jimmy and Penny in the ministry sometime next year. We all know Jimmy and Penny can stay extremely busy here with day to day activities so I thought this site might be a great way for everyone to stay informed of the work being done on the camp while not consuming Jimmy or Penny's time. The regular newsletter will continue. This site will just supplement the information in the newsletter.

Just like Camp Crossway, this site is "in the works" so keep checking back from time to time or subscribe to receive an e-mail notification. I am looking forward to sharing information as well as hearing back from you. Hopefully this site will not only provide you with a place to get updates about Camp Crossway, but also a place for you to share information.

This site is for you so be sure to let me know if there is anything specific you would like future blogs to include.

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to hearing from you.